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The top 1000 businesses are spending $1.3Tr a year on digital transformation programmes. The spend is expected to nearly double by 2020. Data: IDC

Financial institutions understand the importance of Information technology transformation and digital innovation to guarantee their survival.

93% of CEO’s are unhappy with the results they are getting from their digital transformation spend.  For Fintech solution providers this creates a significant opportunity.Data: Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide, 2017.

The pace of digital disruption and change is increasing and shows no sign of slowing. CEO’s want to improve efficiency and facilitate game-changing innovation while somehow also lowering costs and continuing to support legacy systems.

70% of Financial Services CEO’s said the speed of technological change is one of their most significant concerns.Data: PWC’s Financial Services Technology 2020 and Beyond report

The time it takes to go from breakthrough technology to mass-market application is collapsing. We are now watching blockchain move from a notebook sketch to an established technology in a tiny fraction of the time it took for the Internet to be adopted as a standard tool. Technology-driven change is so pervasive that no financial institution is immune.

AI, automation and digital technologies could see financial services companies shedding up to 50% of their workforce in the next four years.

Financial Institutions are needing new ways to navigate this transition most efficiently to drive their business forward.

Fintech Vision is an invitation only, premium residential retreat bringing together C-Level decision makers responsible for driving digital, technology and innovation change to unlock new possibilities within their Financial Institutions. CXO peer to peer engagement at the highest level.

Financial Technology (FinTech) has become a powerful global movement connecting entrepreneurs, technology giants and big financial institutions to create the future of financial services. The pace of technology change is accelerating, and Financial Institutions are looking for new models, ideas and solutions to gain valuable competitive advantage.

As every member of our audience could speak on these complex issues. They want to be part of the conversation and share ideas, knowledge and their personal expertise with their peers and reflect on their current strategy. All sessions are designed to be interactive and informative, so each invitee is always at the centre of the conversation

Join us at FinTech Vision to accelerate your business growth.


Join us at FinTech Vision to accelerate your business growth


FinTech Vision brings together leading Financial Service decision makers from the global markets, Visionary and Strategic speakers, and the most innovate Fintech companies in an exclusive 5 star setting for this invitation-only event.


Each agenda at FinTech Vision is unique, as it is entirely customised to meet the needs of every executive. Over two days and nights each leader will gain a valuable competitive advantage by attending keynote addresses, immersion sessions, case studies and benefit from networking with other C level decision makers from leading Financial Institutions as well as C level attendees from the best in class Fintech companies from around the world who have proven technologies.


FinTech Vision will provide necessary insights, learning, and benchmarking to shape and define the digital transformation, innovation and Fintech strategies. The summit intelligently identifies the right solution providers to work with through our unique qualification process and smart scheduler, accelerating digital and technology strategies in the Financial institutions that attend.

Smart scheduler

The smart scheduler app is a web-based program designed for recognising the need for customised agendas to meet the requirement of attendees during events better and to maximise returns on time and investment. The smart scheduler will produce a personalised itinerary based on the priorities of the individual and will match attendees with Solution Partners by order of preference and mutual interest.

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