Creating a unique, individual experience

The pressure on C-Level technology officers to deliver solutions and opportunities has never been more significant.

FinTech Vision is a unique experience where we convene the top financial services buyers and decision makers for an invitation-only, closed-door retreat. The retreat gives them an unparalleled platform to do business with key decision makers who need their product or service. No guesswork only qualified leads with hand-selected C-Level delegates with a clear buying need.

We pre-qualify all of our delegates to fully understand their current technology spend, purchasing requirements and strategy to drive their business forward. We then match their needs to innovative technology companies, services providers and FinTech solutions that can enhance their business. We will work with our solution partners to ensure their level of exposure at the retreat and interaction with the market meets their specific marketing, business development and communication objectives.
FinTech Vision has been designed to deliver these C-Level officers a customised program of high-level speakers, immersion sessions, case studies, and panel discussions to give them the insights and vision to shape their digital strategies and discover opportunities to provide a competitive advantage for their financial services institutions.


FinTech Vision delivers results for all technology, innovation and Fintech companies and associated service providers who have proven capabilities for providing solutions for Financial Service Institutions.

It is the most effective format for return on investment as it provides over two days with the equivalent of 12-24 months of Sales and Marketing development saving considerable cost and time.

Why Attend

Our smart scheduler application will prioritise the meetings according to everyone’s top priorities and spending needs which will in 2 days accomplish more than 12-24 months of standard business development and marketing efforts, saving both time and money.

  • Shortens the sales cycle as it puts you in front of the principal decision maker who has been qualified to spend in your area.
  • Reduces cost and time of new client development by bringing buyers together in one place
  • Maximise networking opportunities
  • Provides an uncluttered and exclusive environment that is results driven by delegates.

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